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State of Emergence is a new podcast about how we respond to the urgency of our world crises & catalyze human transformation. Hosted by @TerryPatten.

Jan 9, 2021

Evolutionary leader, thinker, and founder of The Shift Network Stephen Dinan joins Terry to explore how conspiracy thinking and new paradigm ideas are sometimes merging in a phenomenon some call “Conspirituality” — which he articulated, with clarity and courage, in a Medium essay some months ago titled, Anatomy of Delusion: How Otherwise Conscious People Descended into the Darkness.” Although this episode was recorded a couple weeks before the recent rioting and insurrection at the U.S. capitol, it’s more relevant than ever now.

Stephen and Terry consider the psycho-social implications of the self-delusion and self-radicalization that is taking place in our online, algorithm-driven “preference bubbles” and which conscious efforts might nurture sanity, coherence, and trust. They explore the social artistry of raising our voices of wholeness and humility to counterbalance extremism and also sensing when our listening, curiosity, and depth of presence is even more valuable than speaking up.

Stephen Dinan is the founder and CEO of The Shift Network, which has served over 3 million people worldwide, with customers in 150 countries. It delivers virtual summits, courses, and trainings in spirituality, peace, holistic health, psychology, parenting, enlightened business, shamanism, indigenous wisdom, and sustainability. Stephen is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders, he helped create the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory & Research and he led a number of noteworthy programs for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Stephen has been a featured speaker at the World Cultural Forum in China, the Alliance for a New Humanity in Costa Rica, Renovemos Mexico in Mexico City, and the University of Cuenca in Ecuador, as well as many US events and summits. He is the author of Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All and Radical Spirit

Here are some additional questions Stephen and Terry explore: 

  • How does “new paradigm thinking” in the consciousness movement sometimes lead to a countercultural distrust of mainstream information and an embrace of false narratives?
  • In which ways might we enable people to have positive defenses from false truths and disastrous narratives while remaining open to emergent possibilities?
  • How do our online echo chambers become self-radicalizing and contribute to collective manic episodes on a social level?
  • Can voices of wholeness and humility grow “louder” to counterbalance the totalizing and radicalizing forces in our media ecosystem?
  • How can our depth of presence and curiosity add a valuable buffer against toxic and totalizing narratives? When is listening even more valuable than saying something?

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