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State of Emergence is a new podcast about how we respond to the urgency of our world crises & catalyze human transformation. Hosted by @TerryPatten.

Jan 2, 2021

Remarkable mystic and teacher Thomas Hübl joins Terry to discuss his new book Healing Collective Trauma, and they take the exploration into some new deep places. Every human being is born into and affected by, either directly or indirectly, the collective wounds of human history — epigenetically, energetically, and systemically. This is why Thomas says that we are all “shareholders of our collective unconscious.” Intergenerational and cultural traumas become “frozen hostages stuck in time.” In the conversation, Thomas describes how we can honor the intelligent functions of these hostages, our traumas, and make them our allies. We can harvest their evolutionary life intelligence and energy by consciously allowing the inherent self-healing mechanisms of our own bodies and minds. They explore what is revealed by this exquisitely subtle understanding. It shines new light on what is emerging now in the collective field of human consciousness during this intense and dramatic time on planet Earth.

Thomas Hübl is a highly original mystic and teacher, and the founder of the Academy of Inner Science. His teachings integrate new discoveries from contemporary science with his direct mystical knowledge, resonant with ancient wisdom traditions. I first met him over a decade ago, and we became good friends, & in the time since I’ve had the honor to help introduce Thomas to the English-speaking world. Now, Thomas has worked with more than 100,000 people worldwide through workshops, multi-year training programs and online courses. He has guided large-scale healing events that have brought together thousands of Germans and Israelis to acknowledge, face and heal the cultural shadow left by the Holocaust. He is also the founder of the nonprofit Pocket Project, which aims to increase awareness and understanding of collective trauma and reduce its effects. He also founded the annual Celebrate Life Festival that gathers conscious people in Germany and America. His important new book is Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds.

Here are a few additional questions Thomas and Terry explore: 

  • How are our ancestors’ trauma and frozen structures tending to reenact themselves in our present-day relationships?
  • How can we cooperate with the intelligence of our trauma process, allowing a natural process of self-healing?
  • Thomas’s concept of “retro-causality” suggests that the whole karmic pattern of intergenerational trauma can be healed in the light of open awareness. 
  • What is it like to be so exquisitely present, here and now, that we catalyze such radical healing of the past, present and future?
  • Thomas talks about “cultural presencing,” the social artistry of honoring and healing collective trauma. What are the practices we do in this present moment to allow that to begin?

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