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State of Emergence is a new podcast about how we respond to the urgency of our world crises & catalyze human transformation. Hosted by @TerryPatten.

Mar 14, 2020

Austrian mystic Thomas Hübl — healthy but in mandatory quarantine in his home in Tel Aviv — joins us to explore the Coronavirus crisis and share insights about our relationship to “the system.” While our system is completely unsustainable, he observes that we are not truly separate from it and suggests that we may first need to love the system before it can be improved. This insight can help us relate differently to the fear in ourselves and in others — as well as the larger systemic turbulence we're experiencing.

Thomas Hübl is a leading voice in addressing both individual and collective trauma by integrating the timeless wisdom from our great spiritual traditions, discoveries of contemporary science, somatic awareness practices, and advanced meditative practices. His teaching transmits the unity and entanglement of consciousness and all of life, helping us to respond to moments of crisis with agility, curiosity, and inclusivity.

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